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What we do

We always work exclusively on a retained basis and offer different types of search. We will consult with you to ensure the best approach based on your individual needs and circumstances. For all assignments we conduct a full market mapping exercise to locate the best potential targets, not stopping at the obvious handful of competitors, and then we carry out extensive market research of defined target industries and locations.

Confidential Search

There are many situations in which you may need to utilise confidential search. Perhaps you do not want your competitors/clients/employees to know you have a particular vacancy? Or maybe the population of potential candidates is too small for conventional advertising to work.

We will make confidential approaches on your behalf; you can trust us to represent your organisation accurately, honestly and with absolute discretion.

Advertised Search

For an advertised search we will work with you and our advertising agency to design strategic, targeted advertising, recommending the right approach including job boards, micro-sites, print advertising and social media campaigns. Our award winning Advertising Agency are on hand to offer professional advice in this specialist field.

Combined Search

If you are not sure where your perfect candidate might be, and confidentiality is less of a concern for you then we can combine a targeted search with a more traditional advertised approach.

International Assignments

We co-ordinate and project-manage assignments with our CFR partners to provide our clients with local knowledge of different geographic markets. So whether you want to broaden the candidate market, or target a specific geographical area or you have a role that will be based outside the UK, we can help.

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How we do it

Taking the Brief – We listen, we advise

We listen. We make it our business to know your business. We take a detailed brief to get to know the issues and opportunities within your industry, to get to know you and your culture and to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges that are unique to your organisation.

We advise. We share with you our extensive knowledge of the current market and candidate pool to develop a true partnership. We may even challenge your perceptions of the position and the sector from which your search is targeted. We draw on our broad expertise to recommend the best approach including advice on a competitive and realistic salary.

The right approach, the right way
  • We recommend the right approach based on your individual needs to find the best candidates every time.
  • Whether that approach is a confidential search, a more traditional advertised search or a combination of the two, we will consult with you and ensure the right level of confidentiality throughout the process.
  • We conduct a full market mapping exercise to locate the best potential targets, not relying on the obvious handful of competitors.
  • We conduct extensive market research of defined target industries and locations.
  • We work with you to refine the brief and identify the essential competencies of the role.
Search – Trusted to find talent others can’t
  • We will make confidential approaches on your behalf; you can trust us to represent your organisation accurately, honestly and with absolute discretion.
  • We will design strategic, targeted advertising, recommending the right approach including job boards, micro-sites, print advertising and social media campaigns.
  • We will draw upon our extensive international network if your candidate market may be further afield.
Assess – A stronger approach to search and assessment
  • We begin the process with CV/application screening.
  • We will contact all potential candidates. 
  • We employ telephone/Skype screening as appropriate.
  • We validate CV experience and qualifications. 
  • We have also developed a structured way of assessing candidates’ competencies which we link to your previously defined, essential competencies. 
  • We will meet our long list and conduct structured, where possible face-to-face, competency based interviews.
  • Our shortlisted candidates’ critical reasoning and occupational personality will be assessed against your specified criteria using Gartner’s SHL online psychometric assessments.
  • All candidates involved in this receive one-to-one feedback from a trained assessor and the client appraised of the candidate’s view of the assessment results.
Deliver – Success built on strong foundations
  • Wherever practical we will present our shortlist of candidates to you, in person – a shortlist of candidates with the right skills, qualifications and values for the job and your organisation.
  • Armed with our thorough briefing, interview reports, psychometric assessment results and feedback, you will know a great deal about the candidates before they walk through your door.
  • We are happy to conduct thorough reference checks and, of course, candidate ID and qualifications are always verified.
  • You will not be expected to settle for the first candidate who comes along because he/she is currently working for a competitor.
  • Shortlisted candidates will know all they can possibly know about you, your company, and the role on offer.
  • You can be confident that your organisation has been promoted in the most realistic and positive way.
  • We support you with your own internal process.
  • We always treat potential candidates totally professionally with respect and honesty; we know this reflects on you, the employer.
Support – Discovering the difference true collaboration makes
  • We always work exclusively on a retained basis. So, as a candidate you can be sure that you will only ever be approached by us if we genuinely represent a client.
  • You can be confident that we have searched for you for the right reasons.
  • We conduct one-to-one feedback with you from your psychometric assessments - this is intended to give you insight into your results, as well as into your future development.
  • We will support you through resignation from your current employer.
  • You will always be informed of any decision personally by phone, with constructive feedback.
  • A candidate's acceptance of an offer of employment is an obvious achievement, however, it is not the end of our assignment and we continue to stay in touch on a regular basis post-placement.

Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

It is well documented that psychometric assessment is a better predictor of a candidate’s likely job performance than a selection process without. Our in-house qualified and accredited assessors use Gartner’s SHL Online Assessments to assess the talent and capability of shortlisted candidates. We test their numerical and verbal reasoning skills and assess their behaviours using the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire ®, one of the most widely used and respected measures of workplace behavioural styles in the world, characterised by high levels of validity and reliability – in other words, they measure what they claim to measure, consistently. 

Psychometric Assessments for Selection

We offer a wide range of psychometric assessments to complement the selection process, tailored to the specific role requirements such as Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Motivation. If required we are happy to include your own employees in any of the assessment activities which we adopt.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is often referred to as “soft skills”; for example personal and social skills, common sense and sensitivity; but it is much more than this. For selection purposes, EI can be particularly useful at a senior level. For example knowing whether an individual is able to make objective decisions whilst still taking into account their own intuition and feelings, or how well an individual can understand and anticipate other people’s likely reaction to change and whether they are able to leave others feeling hopeful and optimistic when faced with difficulties. When it comes to considering EI in your hiring decisions, it should be balanced with other aspects of information you have about a candidate, alongside the traditional cognitive ability test scores, their personality, and relevant work experience and qualifications


The Motivation Questionnaire measures the extent to which an individual is motivated by aspects such as achievement and competition, recognition and personal growth, interest, flexibility, progression and status. By understanding this better, managers can unlock full potential and direct energy more constructively. The information we provide helps to identify and manage an individual’s strongest motivators and demotivators, and is especially useful for hiring into sales and business development roles at any level.

Assessment Centres

Our qualified assessors design and deliver tailored Assessment Centres for selection, as part of a development programme or to help identify future potential within your organisation. Assessment Centres measure several competencies at the same time using a variety of different assessment techniques such as presentations, group exercises and psychometric assessments. They allow for several candidates to be observed together across a set of competencies bespoke to your organisation. This approach is particularly appropriate when several vacancies in the same function are being filled e.g. Sales Teams or Team Leaders in Operations. Just some of the benefits of using an Assessment Centre are:


  • Integrated information/results on the day
  • A positive test of a candidate’s commitment
  • An opportunity to promote your organisation to your candidates
  • Reassurance for candidates that they have been treated professionally and fairly.

We can provide a tailored solution to help you make better recruitment decisions.

Development Programmes

Our qualified assessors can also take your leadership teams through a tailored Development Programme. This is designed to identify potential, develop your leadership team and succession plan for your critical roles. A typical programme could include:


  • Initial consultation/briefing onsite
  • Occupational Personality Assessment (OPQ) for all team members
  • Individual OPQ and Emotional Intelligence reports
  • Team Impact Report
  • Face to face, individual OPQ and EI feedback
  • Team Development Workshop and Action Planning

We can tailor a bespoke programme focused on identifying and developing your team’s strengths, aligned to your own organisation’s goals and strategies. Contact us for more information.